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About me

About Me

I am a fun loving mother to three little boys and two amazing step-children. The birth of my first son, impacted my life greatly. While he stayed apart from me, in intensive care, the only way I could be a mother to him, was to breastfeed him. Our breastfeeding relationship continued to grow and we breastfed for over two years. It was during this time, that I realized how much of an impact breastfeeding has on both baby and mother and how I wanted to help mothers with their breastfeeding goals. After completing my lactation education, I left my teaching profession to work with mothers and babies. I am a compassionate Lactation Consultant looking to help parents with their infant feeding goals and to foster their own paths with their newborns. 



My Philosophy

I strongly believe in helping mothers achieve their personal breastfeeding and mothering goals. I closely watch the relationship between mother and baby, allowing them to guide the process.


There is no greater joy in life than watching a mother craddle her newborn, stare deeply into their eyes and quietly whisper......I love you.

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

IBCLC- Oct 1, 2015

Bachelor of Education

McGill University- 2003

Breastfeeding Program

Mohawk College, September 2014

Lactation Educator

Cappa 20hr Course- 2013

IBLCE Additional General Education

Lactation Education Resources- 2014

“It's 4a.m. I am feeding sweet Baby S and thinking of you. Things are going great. Thank you for this gift! You saved us. Five months in and we've got this! Being able to breastfeed is a miracle for me. Thank you!". - Carrie T..
"It was crucial to me that I breastfeed my baby and Caitlin was there to see that through since my pregnancy.  Breastfeeding is a journey that takes determination and the support Caitlin provided has been invaluable. I attribute a large part of my son's health and happiness to nursing, and him and I have developed a true and beautiful connection we may not have achieved otherwise. I am so grateful to Caitlin for her visits and availability to answer all of my many questions! She is a knowledgeable, energetic, and passionate Lactation Consultant."
- Jen J.
“Thank you! You have no idea how much you helped me. You gave me the confidence and support which allowed me to relax. You obviously have a talent for this profession and we were lucky to have you help us today.” - Barb H.
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