Helping A Variety of Needs


  • Non-Latching Baby and Latching Problems

  • Experiencing Breast Pain  

  • Baby Weight Gain or Loss Issues

  • Premature Birth Support

  • Nipple Trauma

  • Help Managing Baby Gas or Colic

  • Breast Pumping Exclusively or Partially

  • Unexplained Increasing or Decreasing Milk Supply

  • Mulitple Birth Support

In A Variety Of Places

In Home Visits.  Two Clinic Locations.   In Hospital Visits.

Home Visit: $150 

Mothers and babies often are most comfortable being seen at home. Visits typically last 1.5- 2 hrs in length and include the following: 


  • A full labour and medical history

  • Assessment of goals and or current challenges

  • Observe a breastfeeding session and provide guidance

  • A written issue assessment and plan of action

  • Ongoing follow-up care will be provided via email or phone (unless a follow-up appointment is required)

  • A visit report can be shared with the primary health care provider (upon request). 


Cost: $150 

Prenatal Breastfeeding Education


 Prenatal Breastfeeding clases typically run 1.5 hours and may be done in a private setting or a group setting at the clients request. Classes cover the following:


  • breast and infant oral anatomy and physiology related to breastfeeding

  • benefits of breastfeeding

  • positioning techniques

  • what to expect in the first hours post birth

  • best eveidence based practices for successful breastfeeding in the early days and weeks

  • growth spurts, teething and infant feeding patterns


Cost: $150 (1.5 hours private class) or $75 (Group Class 2 or more couples) 

Returning to Work and Breastfeeding


  • how to prepare baby for daycare

  • how to pump and maintain supply while returning to work

  • how to maintain breastfeeding while working

  • the benefits of breastfeeding while working 


Cost: $40 Group Class/ $80 Private 

Clinic Visit: 

Clinic visits provide a comfortable, professional setting, and typically last 1 to 1.5 hours.  They include:

  • A full labour and medical history

  • Assessment of goals and or current challenges

  • Observe a breastfeeding session and provide guidance

  • An individual, written plan of action.

  • Anytime follow-up care will be provided via email or phone so long as another visit is not required.

  • A visit report can be shared with primary health care provider (upon request). 



Initial Visit: $100

Follow-up Visits: $80



Nurturing Lactation Services (Home Clinic)

Winston Churchill and Burnhampthorpe, Mississauga.



Introduction to Solids Class


  •  how and when to introduce solids

  •  Baby Led Feeding

  •  family foods/ allergies and intolerances

  •  how to prepare baby's food

Cost: $50 Group Class/ $150 Private 

Caitlin Black-Allen

Lactation Consultant


Tel: 647-836-4475